• Four star hotel accommodation
  • Running of the Bulls Balcony Event
  • Gastronomy Tour
  • Bullfight or Fireworks Cocktail Dinner Party
  • NST welcome gift

8 to 14  July

2 Nights / 3 Days 

Discover the best that Pamplona has to offer with exclusive Northern Spain Travel 2020 travel packages that feature accommodation, prime balcony venues to watch the world-famous bull run, morning gastro tours to private venues, Pamplona bullfight tickets, gourmet dinners, walking tours and exciting VIP events. This fun-packed 2 night 3 day San Fermin package includes comfortable 4 star accommodation as well as 3 top San Fermin essentials. Watch the traditional running of the bulls from one of our best first to third level locations. This is followed by a fabulous gastro walking tour that takes you into the local Pamplona of private venues, to San Fermin hotspots, and to hidden corners of this vibrant festival. Get ready for an afternoon at the bullring with premium seat locations to watch and experience the unique atmosphere. Or if that is not your preference, then you can opt for our VIP fireworks cocktail dinner party. Begin San Fermin right with our welcome gift: an NST white shirt, red bandana (pañuelo) and take-home souvenir.

The San Fermin Bullfights

The bullfight in San Fermin is unlike any spectacle you are likely to see elsewhere in the world. It is far from a traditional bullfight where the audience watches the drama with intense, almost silent attention. The bullfights during San Fermin are more lively and unique. San Fermín Taurine events are offered in packages or can be booked individually. Our guided event includes a taurine expert and gastronomy pack with traditional sandwiches and drinks on ice.

Andanada tickets are in the middle high zone, tendido tickets are in the middle low zone, contra barrera tickets are in the lower zone, and barrera tickets are near the arena.

The bullfight on horse, or rejoneo,is on the 6th. The rejoneobullfight is where the bullfighters are on horseback fighting bulls weighing over 500 kilos. The classic bullfight is from the 7th to the 14th. This is the typical bullfight with the torero on foot fighting a bull that weighs from 500 kilos to as much as 700 kilos. 

Time Schedule: 18:00 – 21:00


  • Guided or self-guided
  • Bullfight tickets

    Gastronomy Tours – Our Moveable Feast

    Morning of Fiesta and Vermutico Gastro Tour. These are gastronomic escapades into the colorful streets of the city to discover a Morning of Fiesta and into the world of exquisite pintxosand drinks. Join us on a movable feast for a combination of cultural and social San Fermín moments and elaborate Navarran food and drink, which draw us into the local life of the fiesta. Our Vermutico Gastro Tour is a Vermutico experience. Vermutico means much more than the name Vermouth implies – it is a series of wonderful morning or mid-morning experiences taking us right up to lunchtime. We visit the San Fermin statue and a private gastronomic society before wandering from one hotspot to the next, munching on elaborate bite-size wonders and sipping an artisanal vermouth as we go. Get a feel for the old quarter with stops along the way at the greatest of San Fermín events.


    Morning Gastronomy Tour 08:30 – 11:00

     Mid-morning Gastronomy Tour 11:30 – 13:30



    • Traditions and music promenade
    • Visit a peña – a private gastronomic society
    • 4 pintxos and drinks
    • A visit to San Fermin in the chapel





      Running of the Bulls Balcony Event

      Dangerous below, safe above, and you won’t miss any of the action. You are close enough to hear the clattering of the bulls’ hooves as they charge up the cobblestone streets of the Old Town. You are just meters away. Join us at one of our spectacular locations to share in the anticipation of the rocket blast, to sense the tension building, to feel the ground rumble… Experience the run with excitement and let this bucket-list-wish come true. These events always include breakfast and a guided chaperone from our meeting point to your balcony.

      Time Schedule: 06:30 – 08:30


      • Spectacular balcony views, low to middle levels
      • Breakfast
      • Chaperon to your balcony

        The Fireworks Cocktail Dinner Party

        With panoramic views of the citadel below and dancing lights in the sky above, we offer a repast of superb wines and a vast assortment of the best of our Navarran pintxos, followed by dessert and cocktails. All this in a superb setting from where to watch the spectacular international fireworks competition. Enjoy the exploding colours above you as you sit on the roof terrace – a memorable evening under the stars.

        Time Schedule: 21:30 – 01:30


        • Bird’s-eye view terrace  
        • Navarran pintxos
        • Drinks and a cocktail
        • Dance the night away with a DJ dance party