• Opening Ceremony 4th Story Venue
  • Running of the Bulls Balcony
  • NST Welcoming Gift

6 of July

1 Night / 2 Days


Our mission is to bring together the best experiences and select those that reflect the true essence of Pamplona’s greatest festival of all – San Fermín. This package offers the essentials of San Fermín for the beginning days of the festival, including our Chupinazo opening ceremony brunch event on 4th level venue and a second event to watch the Running of the Bulls from low to middle level balconies with spectacular views of the bull run course. Begin San Fermin right with our welcome gift – an NST white shirt, red bandana (pañuelo) and take-home souvenir

VIP Opening Ceremony Balcony

The Chupinazo marks the beginning of a nonstop nine-day cultural festival. It is an exciting morning full of expectation and fun. Get ready for a thrilling spectacle unlike anything you have probably ever seen, felt or experienced before. Our low level balcony event includes VIP buffet brunch with traditional cuisine and drinks galore, as well as a professional photo. Pop the cava and toast the beginning of San Fermin and the many days of fiesta to come!

Time Schedule: 09:30 – 13:00


  • Spectacular balconies
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Professional photo shoot

Running of the Bulls Balcony Event

Dangerous below, safe above, without missing any of the action. You are close enough to hear the clattering of the bulls’ hooves as they charge up the cobblestone streets of the old town. You are literally meters away. Join us in one of our spectacular locations to share the anticipation of the rocket blast, sense the tension building, feel the ground tremble…experience the run with enthusiasm and let this bucket-list-wish come true. These events always include breakfast and a guided chaperone from our meeting point to your balcony.

Time Schedule: 06:30 – 08:30


  • Spectacular balconies: Low to middle levels
  • Breakfast
  • Chaperon to your balcony

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