Exclusive Guided Visits into the Rioja Region

Northern Spain Travel offers exclusive visits to Rioja Alta wineries. Depending on the time of the year and accommodating the wineries and our expert team, we include in this wine experience 2 winery experiences from a shortlist of the most prestigious Riojana wineries. This is an opportunity for wine lovers to behold and live an exceptional culinary – wine experience. Some dating back to the 15th century, we visit an ancient winery in the proximity of the cities of Haro and Logroño. Stroll through»caladas» (underground galleries) to soak up its history and learn about the magnificent wines with our experts and participate in a fun and easy wine tasting game to prove to friends and family that your palate has a fabulous memory. We ensure that your visit be delightfully surprising, delectable and will bedazzle you!

Our visits include a selected few wineries that we believe are the very best in the Rioja region. We take into consideration the wine-tasting experience on the whole, but what needs to be is absolute perfection where the quality and variety of wines of the winery, along with an unequaled travel experience with a touch of adventure. Our visits are exclusive and very private.

Winery Franco Espanolas

This is a Hemingway hotspot in the heart of the Logroño area. It is a one of a kind three hour visit and experience that is ideal for groups of 4 or 6 guests who want to try a multitude of wines and have a great deal of fun! We include in this exclusive tour are wine games that anyone can play, whethere you be a wine conocerue or a novis wine lover.

Bodegas Lopez de Heredia or Muga

A winery in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, in the Rioja alta, we offer guests the opportunity to visit a winery that is beyond authentic in every way, shape and form with a team of enthusiastic and very professional hosts. With their greatest wine Viña Tondonia, we are off on a pleasure stroll into the winery, their tonoleria, where the barrels are handmade for the winery, something very uncommon today, and walk into the dark depths of their calados, underground walkways for a surprising visit. We say no more…the rest is for you to discover with us!

Winery Bodega Conde de los Andes

This Hemingway hotspot winery in a village called Ollauri in the Rioja alta, we offer guests the opportunity to visit a winery that is beyond authentic in every way, shape and form with a team of enthusiastic and very professional hosts. We stroll into the winery where the highlight of the day are their «calados», the underground channelways that acutally connect two of their wineries in the 18th centuries. Barrel upon barrel, exquisit underground galleries carved into the earth and stone centuries ago.

Bodegas Montecillo

Founded in 1870, this winery is the third oldest winery in all Rioja. Located in Navarrete, in la Rioja Alta region, it is not far from Logroño and is a three hour visit that includes culinary experiences that accompany the fabulous wines they offer. Discover the different stages of their evolution, as you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy tasting the wines at various stages of the winemaking process: after alcoholic fermentation, at the start of malolactic fermentation, after ageing in barrels made from different types of oak and, of course, as finished wines. We taste wines “en rama” directly from American and French oak barrels, in the underground barrel chambers.

The best way to travel through la Rioja is by car

Our guided experiences are vehicle friendly visits from one winery pleasure-dome to the next, however we make it a rule to keep the driving between wineries to a minimum. Transfer time between stops in limited to 25 minutes.