Sophisticated Adventures for Intrepid Travelers.

“I am Stephanie, a Canadian who has been living in this region for over 20 years and hence have a unique perspective on my chosen home. When I first arrived over two decades ago, I found the beauty of northern Spain unsurpassable, its culture rich and diverse, its gastronomy out of this world and its active travel an adventure for everyone and on every level. I’ve teamed up with locals who have as much enthusiasm for their home as I do! Now, we wish to share that passion with the wide world by bringing to visitors personalized and mind-blowing year-round adventure experiences in the north of Spain”.


Northern Spain Travel is a travel boutique that sprang from an outpour of deep admiration and awe for the northern region of Spain – its unsurpassable beauty, its diverse culture, its rich gastronomy and its active travel are an adventure for everyone and on every level. If you’re seeking sustainable, experience – rich travel, then Northern Spain Travel’s collection of vibrant destinations with unique year-round mind-blowing cultural, gastronomic and adventure experiences in Northern Spain is for you. Our NST Philosophy of Passion, Character, Adventure and Care are provided in every travel experience and product we offer.

The common thread in everything we design is based on our four essentials of history, culture, gastronomy and landscapes. We seek authentic immersive experiences that will generate both curiosity and enthusiasm. With Northern Spain Travel you can live experiences like Co-pilot an ultra-light plane over Romanesque Navarra; savour exquisite bite-size morsels of heavenly cuisine while bar-hopping along the cobblestoned streets of the old quarter; be a pilgrim for a day walking the St. James Way or cycle through hectares of picturesque vineyards to finish the day’s ride sipping on regional pride, a Vino de Pago wine. Let this millenary European region and it’s people surprise, engage and inspire you!


Stephanie Mutsaerts 

Founder of Northern Spain Travel & Heart of Pamplona

Stephanie, the dynamo of our organization, is a Canadian who has fallen in love with Navarra. She is enterprising, innovative and has an endless amount of energy to design unique outstanding travel plans, making her passion her profession. She has the firm conviction that until the product standards are exceptional, they should not be offered.

“Our goals are two; one is to bedazzle our visitors and another is to share with them what we find so extremely enchanting about this region of Spain”.

Oliver Blazquez

Oliver Blazquez 

Product Manager & Public Relations

Oliver is our public relations ambassador of Pamplona. Oliver has it all; charm, conversation and more knowledge than anyone about Pamplona. You will feel like you’ve made a new friend during one of his energetic tours. Oliver is always on the beat searching for the perfect pintxo and exciting out of the box experiences. He is dedicated to designing the most exclusive events for our guest always with our added value, like Hemingway escape to the Basque coast, or a walking tour of the Running of the Bulls course with an international runner, as well as destinations and activities off the beaten cultural track and many more.

“ This is our essential hallmark that sets us apart from any other events agency”.

Iñaki Astiz

Iñaki Astiz

Our Culinary Adventure Expert

Iñaki is our angelic culinary adventure guide. His cooking sense comes from a family background of love for traditional Navarre gastronomy. The rich and varied gastronomy of Navarre is based on a culinary tradition that has succeeded in adapting itself to modern times with art and imagination. He has the uncanny ability of understanding his tour guests, and thus ensuring that the experience is tailored to every guests potential and wishes.  A man of many talents, our multifaceted guide and sportsman takes guests cycling through Navarra. We love the element of fun and adventure he adds to our tours.

““This is an amazing region with an immense diversity of landscapes, where the possibilities are endless”.

Paula Andión

Olga Taga

Olga Taga 

The impeccable art of Language – Our Polyglot

Apart from being absolutely delightful, Olga is the polyglot of our team, fluent in Russian, French, Spanish, English and Italian. Her vibrant personality and her contagious enthusiasm makes her a Northern Spain Travel jewel. She fits in absolutely everywhere and can charm the pants off any guest that have the pleasure of meeting her. Join Olga to exclusive events and adventures into the Northern off the beaten cultural track.

“What makes discovering Northern Spain fascinating is the story behind everything you see, feel and taste”.


What we offer?

Luxurious Hotels

Gastronomic, cultural, and historical experiences woven into a network of luxury hotels that are in walking distance to the San Fermin Festival.

Our Mission

The best experiences that reflect the true essence of Pamplona’s greatest festival of all – San Fermín. We are passionate about our Fiesta, crazy about our traditions and eager to give you an extraordinary out of the box experience.

Tailor to Fit

Whether you want a San Fermin Packages, a single event, or be inspired by our Private Travel collection, we cater to your needs.

San Fermin is Tradition

San Fermin is above all, traditions. Join us into the culturally rich and diverse traditions of San Fermin and feel like you’ve been handed the keys to the city.

San Fermin is Food

Explore with us culinary experiences that vibrate with cultural pit stops from local Pamplona into the heart and soul of the Fiesta.

San Fermin is Art

We pop the cava and toast to your adventures with sensational shows of agility and bravery, galloping hooves and flying pelotas, firecrackers, and spectacular fireworks.

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