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7 to 14 July

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The Chupinazo is the firework launch that starts San Fermín. The signal that everyone is waiting for indicates the start of 9 days of non-stop fiesta.

Each 6th July the Plaza Consistorial fills with people, and as the clock hands draw closer to 12 noon the crowd becomes increasingly lively, until several minutes before the awaited time, no-one else can fit in the plaza and the 2,502 square metres of the plaza become a sea of people dressed in white and red that waits patiently shouting of “San Fermín, San Fermín!”.

Three minutes before noon everything is ready. All that remains is for the clarinet players to announce the appearance of the personality that will launch the rocket, who gives the traditional greeting to the public in Basque and Spanish “Viva San Fermín, Gora San Fermín” seconds before lighting the firework.




The launching of the Chupinazo rocket from the City Hall balcony is a relatively modern tradition, which dates back to 1941. Before this, the start of the San Fermín festivities happened in Plaza del Castillo. The oldest dating reports about this event are from 1931, and they speak of Juan Etxepare, a tobacconist from Calle Mayor, who was the first person to ask the City Council for permission to launch rockets from the street on 6th July at 12 noon.

Traditionally the honour of launching the Chupinazo was reserved for mayors and council members, or someone with standing designated by the City Hall. However, since 2016, the way this honour is designated has changed, with Pamplona citizens choosing who launches the Chupinazo, through a participative process and popular voting of the candidates put forward by citizens’ associations.