• Running of the Bulls Balcony
  • Traditional San Fermín Morning walking tour adapted for Families
  • 3 Gastronomy Experiences
  • Traditional Breakfast
  • Lemonade Sorbet Hotspot

7 to 14 July

Departure 06:30 to 13:30

San Fermin reflects our deeply rooted sense of belonging as a community and the word family is tightly woven into our lifestyle and priorities. A family tours bring are designed to ensure that the entire family- moms and dads included – have a spectacular day, which is why they are tailormade. Depending on the age of your children and the local agenda, we offer an ever-changing variety of activities.

Our typical day for families begins with a running of the bulls balcony event where we are safe yet can enjoy the thrill of watching the run live. We go for breakfast for a kid’s dream breakfast. We go on a walking tour that comprises all sorts of morning events such as marching along in the Comparsa parade, watching the folkloric Dantzaris, escaping the bob nobbling Zaldikos and the txiki bulls in the kids version of the encierro (running of the bulls), joining in on the Estruendo, where kids can drum their hearts away, getting a close look as the woodcutters chopping into giant logs, and much more.

In the afternoon, we march with the ‘caballeros’  to the doors of the Town Hall to receive the symbolic keys of the bullring and then off we go for other adventures!! An afternoon packed with Toricos de Fuego, street theatre, and jump on a ferris wheel. Lastly to our gastronomic hotspot for viewing the fireworks.  Toss back our heads and enjoy the magical spectacle of the international fireworks competition. The end to a perfect day out with our Northern Spain Travel team