our moveable feast TOURS



  • Morning events through the historic quarter
  • Exclusive traditional and cultural venues
  • Private gastronomic societies
  • Into the open market
  • Pintxos and drinks

7 to 14 July

Our Moveable Feast – 08:30 to 11:30

Moveable Feast + late morning non-violent taurine event – 08:30 to 13:30

Full version: Bull run + Moveable Feast + late morning non-violent taurine event – 06:30 to 13:30



Join us on a movable feast for a combination of cultural and social San Fermín moments and elaborate Navarran foods and drinks that draw us into the local life of the Fiesta. A gastronomic escapade into the colorful streets of the city to discover a morning of Fiesta and into the magical world of exquisite pintxos and drinks. 

We visit the San Fermin statue and a private gastronomic society before wandering from one hotspot to the next, munching on elaborate bite-size wonders and teasing our appetite with an artisanal vermouth as we go. Get a feel for the old quarter with stops along the way at the greatest of San Fermín events. Our Moveable feast has a longer morning plan that includes a taurine experience behind the scenes of the bullring – a social gathering for cava and pintxos – a spectacular morning of experiences taking us right up to lunch time. 

What are Fritos?
Fritos are croquettes rich in varieties of different ingredients and are an obvious must-try and a favorite munchies food for everyone, including kids. Fritos can be found all over the city, but there are a few locations that make simply divine fritos.

Sagardo & Txistorra
If we are talking about Basque traditions, we need to be sipping on apple cider that is poured from the heights of your far reaching arm and crashing into your cider glass, or biting into fried Txistorra meat cuts that will take you into the Basque dimension.

Churros and Chocolate – The Perfect Street Breakfast in San Fermín
Churros can be popped in your mouth as is, but the perfect combo is dipping these delights into a cup of warm chocolate sauce that we call ‘Churros con chocolate’. Learning a few key words can take you a long way.


Once upon a time, approximately 140 years ago, a family began a churrería business on the calle Mañueta (street) that became a popular breakfast stop. La Churrería de la Mañueta is the only one in Navarra that is entirely artisan and fried in caldrons fueled by firewood. A churro is a mouth-watering twisted elongated donut-like treat, showered in sugar. Today the business has become a family tradition is carried on from the granddaughter to her children and her children’s children and only opens during the 9 days of San Fermin. The atmosphere and its delicious churros are definitely worth the chance to view and savour churros de Navarra.