We all play an important role in creating ethical adventure travel conducts in the world in order to shape ecologically sustainable development. We believe in the importance of designing travel adventures that do not harm or affect nature, the treatment of ethical environmental codes and behaviour and the importance fomentation of environmental awareness on every level of a traveller’s experience.

Preserving & respecting our Playground

We at Northern Spain Travel promote attitudes and practices that will keep our wilderness intact for future generations. We offer our clients one-of-a-kind experiences without the need to disrupt nature. Navarra, and its majestic treasures, like the Selva de Irati forest or the Bardenas Reales Desert to name a few, are unique in the way that they are well preserved and remain largely intact and undisturbed. These fragile environments require that guides take visitors into nature, in respectful accordance with the natural wildlife cycles and habitats we are visiting. Our guides have the responsibility to design tours in tune with the basic needs of that habitat, whether it be remaining on the main path, so as not to disturb the fragile moss growth, or to remain at a respectful distance from bird sanctuaries during the nesting season.  

Northern Spain Travel is Exemplary 

Our guides are continually striving towards new and creative ways to bring sustainable tours that offer quality but also instill environmental awareness to our clients. The best way to reach these goals is by being the exemplary guides and role models. The objectives of Northern Spain Travel guides conduct their personal and professional lives and activities in an ethical manner, setting set dynamic principles that guide our conduct and way of life.

Four guidelines:

  • Take nothing but pictures.
  • Kill nothing but time.
  • Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Make nothing but memories.

“Leave no trace”

As guides, we have an obligation to protect and conserve the environment to the best of our ability. To not do so would not only be socially irresponsible and reckless. Below are a series of Leave No Trace MUSTS that we take with us where ever we go.

  • Ensure all participants minimize their environmental impact and stay on marked paths and trails if possible.
  • Ensure no contaminates enter waterways.
  • Resting areas should be left in as good a condition as they were found.
  • Remove all waste and refuse from our adventure tours offering slogans like; “we carry out, what we carry in”. Taking this responsibility to another level, guides should also dispose of trash in the area even if it is not from their tour.
  • Properly dispose of all waste, for example, recycle all applicable materials. This includes in the field and in all adventure facilities.
  • Inform clients of the leave no trace policy and how it applies to them.
  • Discourage anyone from taking any natural “souvenirs”; only photographs.