Our Mission is to bring together the best experiences and select those that reflect the true essence of Pamplona’s greatest festival of all – San Fermín.

We offer unique San Fermin experiences for couples, families and friends that include balcony events, mind-blowing cultural encounters, culinary adventures to gastronomic hotspots. We take care of the details, like purchasing tickets for the taurine events, the bullfight or other venues.

San Fermin is a once in a lifetime must


Capture the grand opening of San Fermin! This workshop begins with breakfast and a theoretical-practical session before the atmosphere in Plaza Consistorial heats up. Then, jump into the middle of it all to photograph the opening ceremony from different perspectives; from a balcony, as well as at street level in the crowds to capture the hundreds of exhilarating moments San Fermin has to offer a photographer; in the crowd, in the parade, from the stands of the bullring, and from VIP balcony locations. This workshop is aimed at all levels of photography and is offered as both a morning and afternoon event. Return home with incredible shots, a great deal of professional knowledge, know-how and an amazing time.



The 6th of July is phenomenal and it all begins in the Plaza Consistorial for one of the greatest of ceremonies of San Fermin, the Chupinazo from VIP balcony (Heaven for photographers). The location is unbeatable and the event includes spectacular views, a VIP buffet brunch with drinks galore, English speaking host and guides, and a photo call with a professional photographer to capture the moment with friends and family. Then, it is off to the Bullring with a bucket of cava on ice (Spanish Champagne) and bocatas to watch a bullfight on horse: Spectacular, fast, daring, and extravagant. The early evening offers us all a chance to sip on a cocktail and enjoy the Encierrillo, which is a silent running of the bulls, giving us a chance to get a first glimpse of the bulls in action before they run the streets of Pamplona the following morning, followed by a gourmet sit down dinner in the heart of it all.


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