Our Hemingway in the Pyrenees trip is a delightful walking and driving tour following in his footsteps to some of the places in Navarra that so inspired him. “It is a shame that Van Gogh did not get to paint Navarre,” he once wrote. We travel through rolling green hills, flower bedecked meadows and lush, magical forests, all at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains.

     We visit Hemingway’s favorite fishing spot on the dreamy banks of the Irati River. We stop for pintxos of local sheep cheese and txistora in picturesque Aribe with view of the mountains. We dine on fresh trout a la Navarra at his rustic hotel in Burguete, featured in The Sun Also Rises. The hotel is still run by the great-grandchildren of the woman who waited on Hemingway.Hemingway’s spirit of adventure compels us to explore the world around us, and there is no better way than to visit the places he loved so much, all while learning more about this enigmatic man, and about the wonderful way of life in Navarra

    HEMINgWAY in

    the pyrenees



    • Guide and transportation
    • Meet in Plaza Castillo for an introduction to Hemingway’s Pamplona
    • Walk along the banks of the Irati River, where Hemingway loved fishing
    • Retrace his steps in the town of Aribe, and enjoy local food and Navarran wine
    • Visit the town of Burguete, where Hemingway used to stay. Here we have a sit down lunch, Hemingway style, at his old hotel.