Hemingway in the Basque Country



Join us for a day trip exploring small summer village festivals followed by an afternoon visit to the beautiful San Sebastian. Immersed in Basque folklore, ancient traditions, and warm, beachy relaxation, it’s an ideal way to experience the north of Spain. Hemingway loved San Sebastian and he often went there to recover from his exploits in Pamplona. “Even on a hot day San Sebastian has a certain early-morning quality…” he wrote in The Sun Also Rises. It remains to this day as he described it, and is still the perfect spot to take a deep breath, and take in the elegant seaside beauty.


In the morning we will find off-the-beaten-track festivals to visit. There is a constant flow of cultural events throughout the season, full of traditional music and dancing, and plenty of delicious food to try. After our fill of festivities and folklore, we will head to San Sebastian. Here, we will visit La Perla, a vintage spa that will make you feel nostalgia for literary eras bygone. La Perla sits on the famous Playa de la Concha, which allows you to slip out for a swim in the sea, or to snooze on the warm sand, before heading back in for more treats. Finally, we go for an early dinner excursion and hop between the world renowned pintxo bars of San Sebastian, a mind-blowing foodie adventure in and of itself.


  • Guide and transportation
  • Visit to a traditional village festival depending on season 
  • Sit down lunch in San Sebastian
  • Luxury spa and beach session
  • Early dinner in San Sebastian – threepintxos and three drinks