The Perfect Gastronomy & Culture Match


Private gastro walking tour early lunch or dinner

Join us on a movable feast for a combination of cultural and gastronomical moments into the local life of Pamplona. We offer private mid morning lunch or early dinner city center walks with a series of spectacular gastro bars. Discover the best pintxos Navarre tapas bars in Pamplona on a lunch or dinner crawl – our idea of heaven. Once a year Master Chefs of Pamplona compete for the prestigious yearly gastronomy award. This culinary visit in Pamplona takes us on a late afternoon Pintxo and city tour of Pamplona from one winner pintxo bar to the next. There is a perfect variety of foods ranging from savoury traditional foods to the most innovative culinary creations, all of which are perfected matched to the most highly recommended wines.

These tours are designed to give you maximum enjoyment of Navarre cuisine. We deliberately keep the group size small to maximise the quality of the experience and your enjoyment. You will be fully accompanied by one of our team, fluent in English and Spanish



  • Welcoming Vermouth to Pamplona in the Gastronomy club

  • Club City Tour with a Gastronomic Edge 

  • 4 pintxos and wine pairings or Basque Navarra organic cider

A pintxo is the Basque name for what the Spanish call tapas, which are just small snacks, often bite-size, yet taken to an entirely different level. They are an exquisite small-sized versions of haute cuisine, where the mastery of traditional dishes is passed on from generation to generation.

This culinary art form in some way defines the people of the north. Northern Spain Travel  takes you on a gastronomic adventure to learn about the people through their cooking and discover more about their character, their culture, and their elaborate pintxos and exquisite wines. Row upon row of colourful delights – magnificent Pintxos; a feast for the eyes.