Find out why the Euskal-txerris, or Basque pigs, are a delicacy and one of Spain’s best kept secrets, in an unforgettable experience. We travel up to the Mugiro province of Navarra and learn about the Euskal-txerris, the free-range, acorn-fed Basque pigs, once on the brink of extinction. These beautiful Basque pigs are characterised by their black and white spots, and the finest of quality pork, each cut of which is beautifully marbled and full of juicy flavor.

We will sit down for a culinary extravaganza of Basque Iberian pork dishes, composed of a 14-course sampling menu that gives a variety of shape, colour and texture to the many uses of this unique product.We continue this day’s adventure with a digestif in a quaint village tavern at a nearby cider farm – a charming place to enjoy a drink of crisp organic local cider. And we make one last stop by driving up to the top of a mountain range so as to admire the magnificent views of the Pyrenees. Here, we visit a twelfth century Romanesque sanctuary, or hermitage, perched at the top, named for Saint Michael, who was said to have slayed a dragon at that site. Learn more about the Basque Iberian pig and the legend of San Miguel de Aralar on our blog.

Basque Iberian pork



  • Guide and transportation
  • 14-course sampling menu at the Euskal-txerri farm
  • Digestif at the tavern / cider farm
  • Trip up to the viewpoint and visit to the San Miguel Hermitage