Pamplona – Olite – Viana

– Elgorriaga – Burguete

Cycling Navarra on a Culinary Adventure 

Imagine combining the very best of road biking and gastronomy to create a sophisticated adventure through Navarra’s prettiest landscapes. Our Moveable Feast by Bike is a journey that will take you to discover off-the-beaten track culinary experiences and luxury on two wheels. The backdrop is, of course, one of the most magical and culturally rich areas of Spain, covered in medieval castles, fantastic wineries and rustic villages. As we wind through the diverse landscapes, from rolling golden hills to the lush forests of the Pyrenees mountains, we will indulge in the best food and wine the regions have to offer.


Each enchanting corner of Navarra offers you a unique experience across a diversity of landscapes and traditions. 



We include the best ingredients this region has to offer with the sole aim of bedazzling you. We reserve afternoons for relaxing, like at a salt spring spa in the mountains.



Reminiscent of Tuscany in some areas, or covered in dense temperate rainforest, Navarra has incredibly diverse landscapes over short distances. Discover the most beautiful places in the north of Navarra. 



Essential to experiencing the magic of Spain is appreciating its many lively traditional festivals and colorful village celebrations throughout the year.




Pamplona – Olite – Viana

– Elgorriaga – Burguete

Day 1 : Pamplona

We begin with a meet and greet welcoming, where we have the chance to size up your bikes for a perfect fit. Afternoon pleasures: Our cycling journey begins with a gastronomic experience: show cooking in a private gastronomy club from the 1920s to learn how to make and then enjoy traditional Navarran dishes.

Day 2 : Cycling South

We ride south into medieval Navarra. We ride west along the Saint James Way past Puente de la Reina and make a stop on the iconic eleventh century Romanesque bridge expanding over the Arga River. We stop again for brunch in the medieval village Artejona, with its high defensive walls and towers, where Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn starred in the 1976 film Robin and Mary. Our route ends with a last ascent to the stunning church-fortress in Ujué, voted Navarra’s most beautiful village in 2018. Among the winding cobblestone roads, we have the opportunity to try the delicious local specialty migas del pastor– “shepherd’s breadcrumbs.” Afternoon Pleasures: We transfer to the fairy tale castle of Olite, one of the most outstanding castles in Europe. Here we get a private visit through its courtyards, royal chambers and towers. We follow this with a wine tasting at an exclusive winery nearby, before transferring back to Pamplona.

Day 3 : A Taste of the Saint James Way

The Saint James Way is a pilgrimage route dating back to the twelfth century laid over even more ancient Roman roadways. During the later Middle Ages and again more recently, this route sees thousands of pilgrims and other travelers set out on a spiritual or emotional journey through the gorgeous Spanish countryside. Our drop off point is again Puente de la Reina, but this time we head for the winery, Castilla de Monjardin, for a wine tasting experience. Riding through expansive vistas of unending vineyards and olive groves, southwestern Navarra proves to be another gorgeous wonderland. We then head to Viana, the last town in Navarra on the pilgrimage route, and which served as a defensive stronghold during the Middle Ages against the nearby and ancient Kingdom of Castile. Afternoon pleasures: We have a fabulous late lunch in an asador where they specialize in grilling everything over wood fires, giving you mouth-watering plates of red peppers, lamb chops and massive T-bone steaks. We transfer back to Pamplona. 


Day 4 : The Beautiful Baztan Valley

We cycle out of Pamplona northward bound through the Baztan Valley, which is considered by many to be the most beautiful region of the north.  We cycle through a magical thousand-year-old oak forest and pass by pastures where cattle and latxasheep graze contentedly. The route climbs north up a slowly rising, winding mountain pass that culminates in a truly idyllic landscape of green pastures, rolling hills, and picturesque white-washed Basque farm houses. From here we descend to the town of San Esteban. Afternoon Pleasures: Enjoy the salty hot springs spa and early dinner in a Michelin recommended country-style restaurant.



Day 5 : Hemingway in the Pyrenees

Our journey today is on excellent tertiary roads, winding through charming Basque hamlets and villages to Aoiz, where Hemingway went each morning to take a dip in the Irati River. He described the water here as, “clear as light.” We follow his trail past the village of Aribe,  near to where he would go to dream away the afternoons while trout fishing. We ride into the lush foothills of the Pyrenees, cycling along parts of the Saint James Way to Burguete, where Hemingway stayed when he came to the area for relaxation. We visit the little hotel he slept in, and even visit his actual room, which the family has kept the same all these years. We shower and change in the hotel and then sit down to an authentic Hemingway-style lunch in the dining hall where he would eat his meals. Afternoon pleasures: We visit the Roncesvalles Colegiata, where most pilgrims begin their St James Way walk. We transfer back to Pamplona.


Day 6 :Agur until next visit

We’ll assist in arranging your transportation to the San Sebastian airport or train station for your onward travels.