Road biking Navarra to the Basque Lands


Pamplona – Elgorriaga – Lesaka – Hondaribia – Amaiur – Pamplona

This is a cycling route round-trip through Navarra with a dip into the French Basque Country and a rest day on the Atlantic coast with a visit to San Sebastian. This one week cycling adventure is composed of 4 cycling days starting in Pamplona, the capital of Navarra, and slowly taking us to the coast and back. We cycle through amazing landscapes such as the lush forests of the Baztan valley, and rugged mountain passes to the coastal village of Hondarribia.

 Always accompanied by an assistance vehicle, we customize our routes so that the difficulty and distances are tailored to your abilities and personal challenges and includes accommodation, bikes, if needed, and most meals.


We cycle through the most emblematic places of the northern region of Navarra and the French Basque Country to the coast. Each corner of this magical land is full of pleasures.


Afternoons are reserved for relaxation, like a spa session in a mountain retreat after a day of exploration.



We cycle through a magical thousand-year-old oak forest and pass by pastures where cattle and latxa sheep graze contentedly.



Discover the hidden culinary gems of Navarra for a seasonally-inspired expedition to savor the regional flavors.  




Pamplona – Elgorriaga – Lesaka –  Hondaribia – Amaiur – Pamplona

Day 1 : Pamplona

We begin with a meet and greet afternoon welcome and we have a chance to size up your bikes to fit. Afternoon pleasures: Our cycling journey begins, like most great things in life, with a gastronomic experience show cooking in a private gastronomy club from the 1920’s to learn how to make and then enjoy traditional Navarra dishes.

Day 2 : Pamplona to the Baztan Valley

We cycle out of Pamplona northward bound through the Baztan Valley which is considered by many to be the most beautiful region of the north.  We cycle through a magical thousand-year-old oak forest and pass by pastures where cattle and latxa sheep graze contentedly. The route climbs north up a slowly rising, winding, mountain pass that culminates in a truly idyllic landscapes of green pastures, rolling hills, and picturesque white-washedBasque farm houses. From here we descend to the town of San Esteban. Afternoon Pleasures: Enjoy the salty hot springs spa and a well-deserved rest in our charming hotel in the heart of the Malerreka Valley. Then, dinner is in a Michelin-recommended and very quaint country-style restaurant.

Day 3 : The Venice of Navarra

We admire the breathtaking scenery as we ascend into the quaint French Basque region. We cycle through charming villages and watch how the architecture slowly transforms into the French Basque style. Through green valleys laden with tradition and history, discover some secrets of Basque mythology and visit the caves where the witches are said to have lived and practiced their craft. We stop for a bocata and drinks in Zugarramurdi, the village famous for its history of witch-lore. We coast to our final destination, Lesaka, known as the Venice of the Mountains for its series of canals running through gorgeous old houses. Afternoon Pleasures: Dinner is served in the serenity of rolling hills and fresh country air.

Day 4 : To the Basque Coast

Today our journey takes us to the lush green landscape of the French Basque coast. We leave our palace hotel to glide down the mountain to Bera, where we ride over the border through a spectacular mountain pass. The reward is reaching the summit with views of the long coast from France to Spain. We travel down to the French coast and into the narrow walking streets of St. Jean de Luz. We then head to Hondarribia. where we exchange our bikes for towels and go for a swim in the Atlantic ocean.  In picturesque Hondarribia, we sit down for a seafood feast and toast with a glass of local txakoli, the local sparkling wine. Afternoon Pleasures: We enjoy what they do best in this region – we bar hop to sample the delicious bite-size wonders called pintxos.  


Day 5 : Rest Day on the Coast

Today we take a break from the bike.  We jump on a beautiful sailboat and sail west from the port of Hondarribia to la Concha Bay in San Sebastian. San Sebastian with its elegant French architecture and picture-perfect beach is a city that still retains its aristocratic feel of a bygone era. Feel free to indulge in a swim in the salty Atlantic or a snooze on the beach. We transfer to Amaiur for the evening and our Palace Hotel Borda. 

Afternoon pleasures: Once docked in San Sebastian we enjoy pintxos and wine in San Sebastian’s historic quarter before you set out to discover the city and have more pinxtoadventures of your own.

Day 6 : A Taste of the St. James Way

Our ride begins with a fabulous low lying mountain ride through the ‘Tuscany of Navarra’, lush green landscapes and picturesque Basque villages along the way. We climb the Urepel mountain pass Urkiaga and coast over the top to find our way on part of the Saint James Way back to Pamplona. Afternoon pleasures: We celebrate the end of our cycling journey with a group dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Day 7 : Agur until next visit

We’ll assist in arranging your transportation to the San Sebastian airport or train station for your onward travels