cycling the saint james way


Roncesvalles – Pamplona – Estella –

Viana – Logroño

The Saint James Way is a pilgrimage route dating back to the twelfth century laid over even more ancient Roman roadways. During the later Middle Ages and again more recently, this route sees thousands of pilgrims and other travelers set out on a spiritual or emotional journey through the gorgeous Spanish countryside. Capture the essence and spirit of the Camino de Santiago on a cycling adventure. Feel the culture and history under your wheels as you ride the ancient paths that lead to Santiago de Compostela. 

Always accompanied by an assistance vehicle, we customize our routes so that the difficulty and distances are tailored to your abilities and personal challenges and includes accommodation, bikes, if needed, and most meals.


Mountain biking in this Navarra is unparalleled. The Navarra Pyrenees is breathtaking especially on the seat of a mountain bike where you travel under your own steam, all your senses awake as you take in your surroundings. 



Towards the Pyrenees moving gently to our destination, on the horizon the mountains are making their way on a clear sky.



Steep hillsides, large meadows and deep valleys make us fell the breathing of this territory the Navarrense Pyrenees are under our wheels.



The tercery roads in Navarra are excellent for road biking and give you a chance to enjoy the countryside without the hassels of heavy traffic or being weary for potholes.




Roncesvalles – Pamplona – Estella

Viana – Logroño

Day 1 : Welcome to Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port

Trip commences here and includes a Meet and greet dinner out and  – French culture and cuisine in the town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port where Spanish and French Basque traditions collide. We explore its 16th century citadel, which played a key role in the Kingdom of Navarra. Saint James Gateway then heralds our departure as we leave its walled town behind us and make our way to Roncesvalles. We enjoy the fineness of French cuisine and prepare for a walking adventure that begins the following morning.

Day 2 : Roncevalles

Looking toward the horizon, the snow capped Pyrénées mountains loom.  At the highest point in altitude of this stage of the Camino we enjoy the slow descent to Roncesvalles. The summit of the Pyrenean pass from where we wander down to the Roncesvalles Monastery to visit its collegiate church and cloister. All punctuated by a hardy mountain meal welcome dinner paired with with a gourmet immersion into Navarra cuisine and pre-Pyrenee views of green pastures and grazing sheep. We stop in the Colegiata to visit the monuments and find out how  Charlemagne was killed here by Basques (and Muslims) avenging the destruction of Pamplona, or how Wellington used it to squeeze Napoleon’s troops back into France, his all time winning strategy.


Day 3 : Descending the Pyrenees

At the gates of the Pamplona basin where we restart the official Camino, we trek along the ever-widening river Arga, cross the ancient gates of the city – El Portal de Francia and into the citadel of Pamplona. Pamplona, the capital of Navarra, this city is a jewel in the raw. Find out why Hemingway was captured by its year-round festive street life atmosphere, join us on the running of the bulls walkabout while we go bar hopping for gastronomic delights and try the pintxos, relax on a terrace and watch the pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago stroll into town. Join us through the cobbled streets in the heart of the historic quarter to discover 2000 years of history and culture.

Day 4 : Into The Medieval Ages

sAs we ride downward, below is a sea of low-lying woods, rolling hills and golden meadows – far from the Pyrenee landscapes of the day before. Shrines and cornerstones mark our way. We stop to take a photo on the emblematic bridge of Puente de la Reina and then transfer to Estella, the medieval village of el Reino, offering rich gastronomy and charming narrow streets, discovering its unique Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

Day 5 : Castles and wines

We visit the winery Castillo de Monjardin for a visit and crianza and reserva wine tasting experience with views from their majestic palace into the row upon row of well attended grape vines and olive orchards. The camino offers us a picturesque landscape of vineyards and wheat fields from Los Arcos to Torres del Río – the largest and most powerful Templar settlement in the region to Viana, the city of Kings and Princes.

Day 6 : Reaching the Ebro Valley

Logroño is famed for its rich gastronomy, wines and its unique past and heritage, hence completing our route of discovery and spirituality, of heritage and culture, gastronomy and wines from the peaks of the Pyrenees to the Ebro valley. Our camino ends with a magnificent farewell lunch in a Michelin star restaurant to savour the province of la Rioja. We transfer to Pamplona.