Conde Nast Traveller in the Kingdom of Navarra

Conde Nast Traveller magazine writes about the ancient Kingdom of Navarra as one of the least-known regions of Spain, about its old hunting grounds, its magestic landscapes and unlocks a few unexpected secrets along the way.

Mark Eveleigh, reputed travel writer joins Northern Spain Travel into the heart of Navarra to refresh his memory of times gone by when Mark used to live in Pamplona. He gives a refreshing account of what travellers can expect to find in this fabulous region – the rich culture, traditions, its breath-taking landscapes, top gastronomy and outrageous intrepid adventures by the hand of Northern Spain Travel.


This article centers on Navarra and Pamplona outside of San Fermin, its running of the bulls, dancing giants and Kililkis and gives us another – year round perspective of what this region of Navarrra can offer travellers who are looking for another kind of visit to Spain – off the beaten track. Mark lived in Pamplona for over a decade and, remembers his morning jogs in Pamplona around the five-kilometre chain of bulwarks, moats and drawbridges that constitute the old fortress walls. Northern Spain Travel takes Mark and his daughter into the Pyrenees Mountains to enjoy some of the unexpected delights and out of the box experiences we offer to intrepid travellers.