A once in a lifetime must. Our focus at Northern Spain Travel is to share the true essence of Spain’s greatest festival of all – San Fermín in Pamplona.




Spectacular balcony and ground locations to share the anticipation the running of the bulls. The rocket blasts, a sense the tension builds and you feel the ground tremble under your feet.




Tailormade San Fermin mornings and afternoons tours are an out of the box adventure for the entire family.





Entice your curiosity, open your eyes to diverse cultures, savour the rich gastronomy, and join us to spellbinding places, with breathtaking landscapes and experiences.




Dancing lights in the sky above, enjoy a repast of superb wines, cocktails and the best tapas and pintxos.




Unlike any spectacle elsewhere in the world, far from a classic bullfight and laden with tradition, join us to experience the San Fermin bullfight and taurine events.


Her VIP tours give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the running of the bulls (also known as El Encierro) and what goes on beyond it the San Fermin festival”.


“…focusing not only on VIP visits to San Fermin Fiesta but also on promoting the province to travelers who are looking for something even more unpredictable than the fiesta.”

“Una de estas cosas que hay que hacer una vez en la vida”, dice Stephanie Mutsaerts

“Northern Spain Travel runs everything from cycling trips of Bardenas Reales to trekking the magical forest of Irati and exploring little-known highland villages”

Northern Spain Travel can arrange bespoke tours that highlight some of the most delightfully unexpected corners of hidden Spain.”


What sets us apart?

As Steph Mutsaerts says, «We have two goals: one is to bedazzle our visitors and the other the share the most enchanting elements of this region of Spain. I’ve teamed up with locals who have as much enthusiasm for their home as I do!  Join us, and be bedazzled.»

San Fermin Festival Events

We are passionate about our fiesta, enamored with our traditions, and most of all eager to give you an extraordinary, out-of-the box experience.

If you’re seeking a rich, tradition-filled experience, then Northern Spain Travel’s collection of vibrant San Fermin events with its unique cultural and gastronomic experiences, is for you. 

Northern Spain Travel reflects the true essence of Pamplona’s greatest festival of all – San Fermín. We offer novel experiences for couples, families, and friends, as well as corporate events that will leave a lasting positive impression on your team.

Join us on a San Fermin Festival package that includes balcony events to watch the running of the bulls, the opening and / or closing ceremonies, firework dinner parties and so much more. All our tours are formed with an array of opportunities to participate in cultural, gastronomic, and taurine fiesta events. Northern Spain Travel offers exclusive, fully-guided or self-guided personalized events and tours for families and friends. 

Hemingway and San Fermin Festival

“The Basques are good people. Very noble but also very noisy”.

Ernest Hemingway


Our Northern Spain Travel Hemingway tours are pure travel adventure. Ernest Hemingway’s writings depict a world that is fascinating and enjoyable, inspiring his readers to make the most of their life too. Explore the northern region following in the footsteps of Hemingway, a Nobel Prize winning author, a man who adored the North of Spain and San Fermin, which he wrote about extensively.

Hemingway loved places with a unique atmosphere and identity of their own. Our Hemingway territory is made up of three separate cultural identities with more than 3000 years of history to unravel along the way, and is located in the angle formed by the Bay of Biscay on the Franco-Spanish border. The area boasts many of the most popular and beloved festivals in the world nestled among an endless array of landscapes and quaint medieval villages. On top of all that, Northern Spain is rife with exquisite traditional and modern cuisine and a world class wine region. All this is only 6 hours by train from Paris, 4 hours from Barcelona, and 3.5 hours from Madrid.

San Fermin Travel Packages

We offer exclusive, fully-guided and personalized events and tours for families and friends.

Experiencing San Fermin can be life changing. Experiencing it with Northern Spain Travel will ensure you get the absolute best out of your time here, encompassing an array of opportunities to participate in cultural, gastronomical and taurine fiesta events.

We offer events packages as well as complete travel plans including four star accommodation with a variety of options, from a simple two-event package to multiple day packages, highlighting the very best of San Fermin.

Watch the traditional running of the bulls event from one of our top locations, followed by a fabulous selection of activities, such as a gastro walking tour, which takes you into the local life of Pamplona within private venues. The Moveable Feast, as we call it, is inspired by Hemingway, and takes us to San Fermin hotspots and to hidden corners of this vibrant festival. In the afternoon, we are off to the bullring.




The common thread in everything we design is based on our four essentials of history, culture, gastronomy and landscapes. We seek authentic immersive experiences that will generate both curiosity and enthusiasm.

July offers San Fermin and the running of the bulls, with local fiestas continuing all the way through until September. There are several city festivals like Flamenco on Fire which run through August; the grape harvest for wine lovers is in October and November; December is full of colour and song with its Christmas season folklore in Lesaka; the lively carnivals of Iturren and Lanz are in January.  Cycling in this region is all year round and is outstanding. Join us on a wine tour in neighbouring Rioja, learn about the Basque folklore on a walking tour through the Basque Lands and our Gastro Tour we call The Moveable Feast, inspired by Hemingway. Come and discover the North of Spain.


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